OXE 300 HP

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The OXE300 is a BI-turbo configuration that provides its full 680Nm (501ft-lb) of torque at the crankshaft at 1750rpm; at 1000rpm the engine provides over 500Nm (367ft-lb) at the crankshaft. Finally, your boat will have more torque than your truck!  These torque numbers are unheard of in the outboard industry and that provides end-user massive pulling power as well as fast holeshot acceleration. 

Technical Data

 Engine type:  Diesel, L6
 Displacement:  3.0 L
 Intake:  Turbocharged, inter-cooled
 Torque:  680 Nm (501ft-lb) at 1750 RPM
 Power:  300 HP at 4200 - 4400 RPM
 Fuel:  Diesel
 EN 590, ASTM D 975 No.1
 No.2. JIS KK2204, F54 & F75
 Weight:  395 kg
 Alternator output:  180 Amp
 Rig length:  25” or 33”
 Cooling:  Closed cooling circuit
 Starting:  Electric
 Steering option:  Hydraulic, Electronic Power Steering, Joystick
 Shiſt:  CANbus, Electro-hydraulic
 Clutch:  Hydraulic multi-friction plate
 Gear ratios:  1.39:1
 Dimensions (XL 25” leg/ XXL 33" leg), LHW  XL, 1150x2090x700mm. XXL, 1150x2293x700mm (CC32")


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