300 HP Jet Tech

300 HP Jet Tech

Mar 24th 2023

OXE Marine collaborates with JET-TECH's state-of-art water jet technology, providing 1:1 ratio of power to propulsion.

Finalist in the 2023 MIBS Innovation Awards. The OXE300 is a bi-turbo, diesel configuration that provides its full 680Nm (502ft-lb) of torque at the crankshaft already at 1750rpm, at 1000rpm the engine provides over 500Nm (369ft-lb) at the crankshaft. These are torque numbers that were previously unheard of in the outboard industry and provide the user with massive bollard pulling power, as well as fast-hole shot acceleration.

Available now with water-jet propulsion, specially developed to capture all the torque and speed produced by the powerful diesel engine.


Developed especially to endure the high torque of OXE outboard engines, JET-TECH technology delivers 100% of engine horsepower as water jet propulsion. Watch this video to further understand the engineering.

    Forward-facing impeller allows performance equal to or better than a standard propeller.
    A direct bolt-on plug-and-play replacement to the OXE Diesel lower unit.
    Retains the high torch produced by the patented OXE Diesel belt drive.

Safer for the marine environment, and you.

A waterjet substitutes the propeller, eliminating the risk of the propeller hitting rocks, the ocean floor or injuring animals or humans swimming close by the boat.